Monday, February 7, 2011

Who would you invite to dinner?

If you have to answer a question early in the work week, what better question to have to answer than an open ended one. One that does not have a right or wrong answer, just a personal one.

This isn't my garden! Its a picture I tore out of some magazine and have kept for years. 
I think it might be from Martha Stewart Living Magazine.

Imagine, if you will, that it is a beautiful summer evening. It is warm, but not too hot. There is a slight breeze that carries along with it the subtle fragrance of the flowers that are in bloom in your garden. There isn't a single mosquito in five miles (Now that is wishful thinking!).

You've dug out and ironed your best tablecloth. Set out your favorite china. The table, with the casual arrangement of flowers at its center, is magazine picture perfect. Above the table, you have hung up a string of lights or perhaps you have put a row of tiny tea lights down the center of the table. The scene is pure magic! From the kitchen wafts the smell of the wonderful dinner you have prepared (No performance anxiety here. The food is guaranteed to be delicious in this fantasy).

Now, who are you going to invite to your dinner? It can be anyone you want. Someone from the past or perhaps someone very special from the present.

Do you might want to invite a celebrity? Maybe someone tall, dark and handsome?

An actor Tom, Robert or maybe Clarke?

Maybe a singer like John, Ella or Elvis? A famous musician or dancer like Nureyev?

Or perhaps you'd prefer to make it a girl's night with say Jackie, Audrey or Greta?

Fashion advice from Coco anyone?

Portrait of Georgia O'Keefe by photographer Alfred Stieglitz

It could also be someone you admire like a writer or an artist. Just think, you could take advantage of the evening to have a heart to heart chat with Jane Austen. 

Don't you think an artist, like Georgia O'keefe might make for an interesting dinner conversation?

Then again, maybe you don't want to invite the rich or the famous to this fantasy soiree at all! 

The person you really want to invite is someone far closer to your heart. A friend that you haven't seen in years. A lost love. Perhaps a parent, grandparent or close family member that has passed. 

Who would you gather round the table to meet your special guest? Is there someone important you'd want to be present at dinner, say a son or daughter, who might profit from the evening's precious pearls of wisdom? 

Don't think about it too long. Who was the first person that popped into your mind? Go with your heart and follow those gut instincts! 

I can't wait to hear who you would want to invite to this most perfect of summer evenings.


  1. Jennifer, as you described the scene an evening maybe 5 years ago popped into my head when my husband and I had a long lost friend visiting from Toronto. We sat on the deck until the wee hours eating and talking, great food, great conversation. I'd love a repeat of that experience although this time I would love to see my dearest girlfriend. Since moving across the country I don't get to spend time with her anymore and I miss that more than anything.

  2. You pictured a favorite of mine. It would be both Georgia and her randy ex husband Alfred. And it does look rather Martha in that dining setting. A real stunning setting. In fact Martha might be a great guest to. Love to hear her talk about herself all night long.

  3. I've had to SNAP back to reality on this one! My first instinct is an old love who tragically passed while still a young man! Boy, would I have so much to share with him, almost an entire lifetime! Thanks for the memories!

  4. Dear Jennifer, What fun, a fantasy dinner party...but, how can I possibly choose? Indeed, dear Jennifer, you have now given me, most assuredly, a night of insomnia as I sift through in my mind the countless guests that I can make a choice from.....what I do know is that Ottolenghi would have to cook dinner!!!

  5. Oh my...Edith Hope is right...this might bring a night of insomnia...what fun asking this question. I had not thought about who would prepare dinner (tks EH) and so first instinct would be to ask Chef Jamie Oliver; wouldn't he be fun..surely he would. Do you think he would get along with Christopher Lloyd? mmmmmm

  6. Wow Jennifer, what an interesting question. I find so many of the trail blazers so interesting. To be able to talk with any of them would be wonderful....however-- I read a bio sketch of my great grandfather, traveling west to build railroad bridges, and looking for gold, etc. The family history would be my draw-- to find out about my history from their point of view would be so cool.

  7. The cast and writers of Supernatural. There. I admitted it.

    I would have kept that tablescape picture too ~ that is gorgeous.

  8. PS I would love to discuss gardening with my grandfather, who passed away when I was 16.

  9. Hmmm... you are really imaginative to come up with such settings, photos and question. I am not. Very down to earth! It would have to be my 3 dogs! :)

  10. You certainly made me think. No one famous. I would have back for one more summer dinner my Dad my Grandmother and my Great grandfather.

  11. I enjoyed reading all your comments. I am sorry Edith and Gardeningbren for the insomnia. If I could only grant wishes, all of your special guests would be coming for dinner!


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