Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Blue Teddy and a Friend

For years I worked in the wallpaper industry and was often called upon to paint teddy bears for kids wallpaper borders. 

I still have a few models left from those glory days. 

The handmade blue teddy was acquired at a garage sale. He attracted my eye because of his odd coloring. The little bunny bear came from a flea market. The tiny chair was found years ago in a small Toronto gift and stationary store.

To create these photographs I used Kim's Warm Sun and Autumn Burst textures (with a few modifications of my own) in a soft light blending mode. To see other pictures using Kim's textures please click the link: Kim Klassen's Cafe Blog.


  1. What an adorable trio! One is never too old for a teddy bear! Ü
    Thanks for putting a smile on my face,

  2. Lovely! As Barb says, none of us is too old to appreciate a teddy bear!

  3. Awwww! Love the blue teddy bear and the cute bunny.
    ** seen in Kim's TT

  4. Oh I love the blue teddy he is so cute when I was little I had a little blue teddy which I loved but I have no idea what happened to it........

  5. I enjoyed looking at your colorful teddy bear and flea market bunny! The textured picture is warm and friendly and inviting.

  6. What a delightfully sweet photo....I love the chair the Teddy and friend are sitting in and the rug behind- gorgeous styling. The warm colored texture is so right for it all.


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